Thai Poultice Massage
A rhythmic massage with warm poultices (herbal packs) applied to the body in a kneading action. Heat and herbs are absorbed by the body to aid in alleviating aches and pains, increasing lymphatic drainage, and reducing inflammation. 

This massage is my all time favorite and life saver!  Four years ago I was involved in a roll over accident.  I was lucky and walked out with only bruises.  Within a week and a half from my accident, I was completely back to normal!  My inflammation was gone largely due to the herbs in the Thai Poultices!  All of the herbs in the poultice are of natural origin, such as sweet basil, kaffir lime leaf, turmeric, and camphor.  Normally, after a major car wreck or even just a small fender bender, you do not want to get a massage right away.  When you get whiplash, any sudden movement, or trauma  to your body, the natural response is to protect that area by swelling.  Massage increases blood flow, which will in turn increase the swelling to the affected area.  It is recommended to wait at least one week before receiving a massage! Thai Poultice Massage, on the other hand, actually REDUCES inflammation!  In just 2-3 sessions, you should feel a difference!  I could not believe the fast recovery I had after 2 sessions!  Below are a couple pictures of the my car after the wreck.  I am lucky to be alive!

90 Minutes / $130

 Bella Vida Massage Spa

9601 Custer Rd

Plano, TX 75025