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I moved to the area about 2 years ago and have been to several of the chain massage locations for deep tissue massage, but have left feeling like all they did was rub lotion on me and it was a waste of my hour. That was NOT the case with Cassandra! The value I received during my time spent with her was amazing! Her knowledge of human anatomy and the muscles was beyond any of my previous experiences. I truly felt with her she was more focussed on the quality of service than the quantity of clients she could get in. If your looking for a  massage that will improve your quality of health this is the place!


I’ve been going to Cassandra for close to 3 years now. She’s the best at what she does. She taught me that getting regular massages is not just therapeutic but also great for my body. I don’t have anymore aches and pains and my body feels more relaxed. My body doesn’t get as tense anymore because Cassandra is able to work out any or all my knots, and once it’s over, I feel free of stress. She really knows what she’s doing!! One last thing, Cassandra is my forever massage therapist! She’s not only the best at what she does, but her prices are the best in town as well! 


Cassandra is a fantastic and HIGHLY-skilled massage therapist with unique insight into the musculature of the human body, as well as vast knowledge on relieving pain through muscular manipulation. She has made a huge difference on my chronic shoulder, neck, and back pain, as well as given me tips and advice on how to help myself on a daily basis. Her massage services are invaluable and I would HIGHLY recommend her deep tissue massage!

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