Pre-Natal Massage

I am So excited to hear one of my clients is pregnant again!! She just had her first #prenatalmassage with me today at 12 weeks. Normally we do not massage during the first trimester as it is a high risk for miscarriages. However, if they have permission from their doctor, we can start as early as 12 weeks. A pre-natal massage is quite different from a regular #massage because of the positions we have to work in. I do not let my client lay on their belly even during the #firsttrimester as i do not have the body cushions to allow for that. Instead, I work from a #sidelying position and #reclined position. I also never work on the #innerthighs as they are a #highrisk for #bloodclots and never concentrate around the ankle as It is commonly known to #inducelabor. It is extremely important as your #bodychanges to get a #prenatalmassage at least once a month to relieve the extra #stress on your #lowerback #hips #neck and #shoulders. After a natural birth you will need to wait 6 weeks before receiving massages again and 8 weeks after a #csection. If you know a friend who is pregnant and in need of a massage, please send them my way. For each referral you will receive $10 off your next massage! Wouldn't it be nice to get paid to get a massage? ;)

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